Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Blake Joins the Party

Hey gang! Glad to join the get-off-your-ass team, hopefully it will encourage me to make some real progress on stuff. I'm planning to be far less scheduled with my summer and just kinda work on whatever I feel the inspiration to work on, but I definitely want to polish up some of my flash games from 2-D design, so maybe I should make some kind of time table for that.

But other than that I just plan on doing some experiments in flash, trying to prototype some of the crazy ideas I have to see if they could actually work, and I'd love to share my attempts and get some feedback from you fellows. This should be a fun summer, indeed.


  1. Yay for Play Testing! Finally I can actually do that without having to be like "eh, sorry. No time. Got my own game to work on."

    We're here for feedback. Thats what this blog is primarily about. That in kicking people in the ass. :D

  2. Hey man, glad to have you join the team! This doesn't have to be any strict regiment, but it should be a good way for us to encourage each other with feedback and suggestions. This is all about getting stuff together for the real world after all...